How do you recover from the loss of a child?

When David Alison’s son died in a car accident he did what any other parent would likely do: spiral into extraordinary grief. While the heartbreak he experienced was profound he could not shake the feeling that his son Davey was still around and trying to communicate to him.

Could consciousness survive physical death? David’s engineering background did not allow for that concept, yet those feelings remained. In this story David walks the reader through the experiences he had connecting with his son, the resources he found to satisfy the doubts from the left side of his brain and the tools he used to create a new relationship with his son across the veil.

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I loved the book! It is full of hope and healing. About finding meaning and purpose from the catastrophic loss of a child. The silver lining in the darkest of clouds and darkest night of the Soul. My Son Rodney passed by suicide February 24, 2017. I have found peace in the way that David has. By knowing that consciousness survives death and that our children are closer to us now than they ever were in real “life”. Just a thought away. His perspective from a Fathers place was so interesting to me, as a bereaved Mom. I really enjoyed it. I read it in one sitting last night. Stayed up till 4:00 AM. Couldn’t put it down. I would encourage any parent that is grieving the physical loss of a child to read this book and be comforted and encouraged by the realization that our children’s lives go on and that love never dies.

– Debbie Wallace

Finding Davey is one of the most heartfelt books I’ve read through my own journey of recovery and growth after losing my son. David takes you through his and his families emotions and how they all were able to pull together and find support and most of all love to move forward and connect with Davey. I read the book in 2 sittings. Could not put it down as I felt drawn into their life. Their story has inspired me to continue learning to take time for myself, to meditate and to connect.. I know this book will help so many others. I’m most impressed that this book was written by a father and hope that many other dad’s will be able to open up and share their feelings. This is a true gift.

– Franciska Bittan

This book is a blessing for those who have lost a child. It certainly is for me. David does an amazing job of how to navigate incomprehensible grief to a path of hope, faith, and healing in a very real way. It is beautifully written. I found it very clear, heartfelt and honest. David’s book tells a real story of living in a mindset of faith and belief that our loved ones we’ve lost are truly with us. Thank you for writing this book. This is a great gift to someone who has lost a loved one, but especially for someone who has lost a child.

– Mark Russo

By David sharing his personal grief journey with the transition of his son Davey, just 24 in July, 2016 has given me hope that I can recover from this overwhelming and unbearable grief. I lost my daughter to cancer, October, 2016. David shares his loving experiences in meditation in seeking to connect with his son and to feel his spiritual presence. Reading this book has validated for me the power of meditation. This book would be a wonderful gift for anyone desperately looking for comfort, hope and resourceful tools in the gutwrenching journey of grief after the loss of a child.

– Paula S. Smillie

About the Author

David Alison is a happily married husband for over 30 years and the father of three wonderful adult children. He is also a software engineer, consultant and successful entrepreneur, specializing in providing leadership coaching to executives in the technology space.

David has been a writer and editor in the technology space for nearly 30 years, initially for major technology publications and later through his popular blog Since the events in this book took place David has focused on mentoring and assisting parents that have lost children.

This is David’s first published book.

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The paperback version of Finding Davey is available at Terra Christa in Vienna, Virginia.